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Great customers always ask the best questions.  We’ve assembled some of the more common subjects, using the ACTUAL questions submitted to us, and our actual responses to those questions.  If you’re having trouble with the ordering process in any way, please read below first.



Fine Art Canada FAQ's Section

Great customers always ask the best questions.  We’ve assembled some of the more common subjects, using the ACTUAL questions submitted to us, and our actual responses to those questions.  If you’re having any problems viewing the products, understanding the Fine Art Canada deal, or redeeming your coupon, we suggest reading the Q & A's below.


1. I am looking at purchasing the current Fine Art Canada deal. I was wondering if deal means that I can take one of my own photos and blow it up on a canvas or have it re-done as an oil painting.

Yes and No.  Fine Art Canada does offer the photo to painting service, however it is the photo to canvas deal which is currently promote.  If you wish, you may apply the Fine Art Canada credit to ANY product on the website, however only the products in the Fine Art Canada section are discounted as advertised. 


2. Just wanted to know if your current Fine Art Canada deal includes our own prints we can use?  I am a photographer and would like to have my own print.  And what would be the max size?

Yes.  The CUSTOM Canvas Prints are specifically designed to take your own photos and turn them into a canvas print.  Choose your size, number of panels, and upload – that’s it.


3. How big does my photo have to be so that you can enlarge it? 

This is a great question, and one we get all the time. Basically, take the total dimensions of the photo you have (i.e. 1024 x 768), and divide each by 150.  So in otherwords, this photo would work out to 6.8” X 5”.  This will provide a reasonably sharp image,although you could enlarge a little.   Always try and provide the highest-resolution photo possible, and if we have problems, we’ll let you know.


4. If the quality is poor once the image is enlarged, are you informed of this before proceedwith the order?

Yes.  Our production team examines each photo for quality and adequate resolution.  Any photo which requires cropping, enlargement, or corrections of any kind will be sent back to the customer for approval prior to printing.


5. Can I change the colour of a print?

Yes. There are customizations such as colour adjustments, black & white, or colour isolation available for CUSTOM Canvas Prints.  Please include any requests in the ‘notes’ field on the product page.


6. Can I order from the same selection that is on your website now?  Can I specify the size from the selection of 20 x60, 24 x 48 and 30 x 40?

The Fine Art Canada promotion applies to MULTIPANEL Oil Paintings, CUSTOM Canvas Prints, and FINE ART Prints.  Our website contains several other types of products, but the three categories contained in the Fine Art Canada SHOPPING ZONE are where the specially discounted products are contained.  Multiple sizing is available for CUSTOM Canvas Prints and FINE Art Prints.  Multipanels are fixed in size, although customization is available. 


7. How does shipping work if I order one?

Shipping is $10 for the 4 smallest sizes (16 x 20, 20 x 24, 20 x 30, 24 x 36), $20 for 30 x 40, and $30 for 36 x 48.  Shipping is Canada-wide.


8. It looks like I also get a $50 gift card.  Can I use the $50 giftcard towards this deal?

No.  The $50 gift card is intended for future purchases outside of this deal, and cannot be combined with the current promotion.  The $50 voucher will be added to your account once your first order is paid for and delivered.


9. Is the Fine Art Canada canvas photo print gallery-wrapped or just the canvas?

Yes.  All custom canvas prints included with this promotion come gallery-wrapped and ‘READY TO HANG’.  They come stretched over a kiln-dried Canadian Bass wood frame, .75” in depth.


10. Why am I being charged taxes? 

We are required to collect taxes on the value of the purchase, and since you are paying for the product, we must collect taxes on the product.  Since you did not pay taxes when you purchased your coupon from Fine Art Canada, think of this as just a delayed tax payment on your original coupon purchase.






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